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General Carnival Information

 Hunter Branch conducts Junior Carnivals during the season for age groups of U8 –U/14. The Carnivals are held as competition between nippers of different surf clubs, culminating with the Branch Junior Championships followed by the NSW Junior State Championships (U9 to U14 NOTE: No U8s anymore). Other Carnivals and events are also held throughout the region at which Swansea Belmont Nippers may compete with the Club’s permission.

Please check the Nipper calendar for the dates and venues of the carnivals.

 Individual Competition Events for Carnivals include:

  • All Nippers are able to enter any individual event at all Carnivals (including the State Titles).
  • U/8’s: Sprint, Beach Flags, Wade Race, Sprint Relay & Wade Relay. .
  • U/9 & U/l0: Sprint, Beach Flags, Sprint Relay, Surf Swim, Board Race, Swim Teams, Board Relay.
  • U/11 Up: Sprint, Beach Flags, Sprint Relay, Surf Swim, Board Race, Swim Teams, Board Relay, Board Rescue & Cameron.

 Club Competition Events for Carnivals include:

  • Surf Teams (U/9 – U/14), Board Rescue Relay (U/10– U/14), Cameron Relay (U/9 – U/14), Beach Relay (U/8 – U/14), Wade relay (U/8s only) and All Age Relays (Beach and Board).
  • Selections for team events will be made by the Club Selection panel using club Selection Guidelines.
  • There is also Surf Board riding for all competitors aged holding the Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC).


At all carnivals the Swansea Belmont Club Cap and Swansea Belmont Swimmers must be worn. Disqualification can result in these rules not being followed.

 March Past

We are very proud of our March Past Teams and feel that it is an honour to represent your club by marching in this event.  It is a team event with 12 members, 4 holding the rescue reel and the rest forming set lines. We then march around a designated course in uniform and are judged on marching in time with each other and holding positions on or around the wheel.


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